Mermaid Bath Bomb – Test Kitchen


I really like bathing with salts. Sea salt, Epsom salt, it always makes my skin feel really good.

It’s why I wanted to experiment with a new bath bomb that included the benefits of seaweed and sea salt.

There are numerous studies that show the benefits of bathing in the ocean, and while I’m not about to say that adding a bath bomb with sea salt and seaweed is the same as the real thing, but it does give you something to think about, doesn’t it?

Whether you believe that sea salt really helps with ‘detoxification’ of the body or whether you just like that the included minerals like magnesium and potassium help relax you, there is no doubt there is something soothing about adding it to your bath water.

Plus it’s pretty. So there’s that. 😉

Making the Mermaid Bath Bomb:


I added all the ingredients to my mixing bowl and incorporated them thorough. The colour looks really pretty so far. Now I need to mould it and let it dry overnight before the fun part of testing. Having a bath. 🙂

Next day:

Bath bomb looks good overall. Colour gorgeous. The sea salt at the top (decoration) falls off easily, so I need to use less here. It’s firm and smells salty, just like the sea. Excellent so far.


In bath:


The colour payoff from that beautiful aqua just dissolved in the water. There was ‘some’ colour in the water, but certainly not what I was expecting. It was my first time using this colourant, and I don’t think it works well in bath bombs at all.

Also some colour was left in the tub around the ring. It came off with wiping, but there is no way I’m putting this up for sale with that issue. I need to find a colourant that is tub safe and gives a better colour payoff.

And there was too much seaweed. I’ll need to cut that down to half what I used.



The sea salt felt fabulous on my skin. The fragrance smells just like you would think the beach would – salty and fresh.

It’s the colourant that I had issue with. I’ll be re-making this bomb again after I source a better alternative.


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