Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils in Bath Products


I had a lovely massage yesterday at Endota Spa. It really was very relaxing and just what I needed as I’ve been getting very tense around the shoulder area in the past few weeks (most probably due to bad posture when I’m using the computer and iPad.)

Anyway, like most spa’s they have diffusers with essential oils around the rooms, soft music and dim lighting, and they use essential oils in their treatments and massage oils.

It reminded me why I fell in love with essential oils. Not only their lovely aroma, but also the therapeutic benefits as well.

Of course this got me thinking about the business and why I’m predominately using fragrance oils instead of essential oils in my bath products. Sure I get the best quality fragrance oils I can and make sure they are safe all round, but it seems out of character that I would gravitate toward fragrance oils rather than essential oils. Especially given my early love for EO’s.

I can see a change coming with Soap Dot. I plan on incorporating more essential oils into my products. May’s soap dot box is going to use essential oils exclusively without fragrance oils.

I will still use fragrance oils in the future as well as EO’s, since you can’t get a creme brûlée fragrance with EO’s alone, but I think mixing the two will give me the benefits I want with the fragrances I’m searching for. That’s what Lush does to get their amazing scents and they’re the leaders in this game.

It’ll take a while to turn everything toward this new direction, especially since it’s currently school holidays here and nothin’ is getting done while the noise makers are at home, but it’s good to have a stronger vision of where I want to take Soap Dot.

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