End of Month Wrap-Up – 31 March

I’m happy with how Soap Dot is growing and I’m looking forward to seeing if I can double the amount of orders in April that I got in March. Obviously that means I need to add more products to the site so that people can find things that they like.

I’m very interested in making whipped soap and sugar scrubs. They’ll be coming soon.

Currently testing two bath bombs and a bubble bar recipe (that creates awesome bubbles). I’m also revising the body wash recipe to one that’s sulphate free. Using Castile soap as the base is the best I’ve tried so far. I’ve got to see how it holds fragrance over the next few weeks before I release it.

I think I’ll see good growth in April, especially once I add the sugar scrubs and bath bombs. I really think the new bubble bar will be a hit too.

Etsy is still a dud. I’m not even sending people over there anymore. I get more traffic and sales at the main soapdot website than on Etsy. I don’t mind. I make more on my site and don’t have to pay all of Etsy’s fees. Win, win really. I don’t think I’ve added a new product there for weeks. Whatevs.

I also need think about the soap boxes future too. I love creating new themes, but I’m not sure it’s financially sustainable. I’m not making much on the boxes. They are fun to create, but the main line is where I make my bread and butter (vegan butter of course – hehe). I’m just not sure yet. I do have some wicked fun themes coming up though. More thought needs to go on this.

In May/June I’ll be adding body butters, just in time for winter dry skin.

And maybe perfume oils. I created an oil for the March soap box, and I’ll make a bunch of solid perfumes soon. They are a tricky product though. Perfume is so personal. Some fragrances you love, some you hate. It’s the type of product you really need to sniff first before you buy, which you can’t do online. It’s not the same as sugar scrub which, if you don’t like the scent, doesn’t linger like perfume does. Not as big a deal.

Anyway, it’s all good and I’m having super fun building soap dot up. I can’t wait to see how far it can go. I’ve had positive feedback from some of my customers too which has made my day. I’m super pumped that people are enjoying my products.

Once I crack the bath bomb code there will be no stopping me. 😉

Tracey xx


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