Bubble Bar Cookies – Testing New Recipe


The current bubble bar recipe that I’ve been using has been great but I’m always keen to try new recipes because whether it works or doesn’t, I always learn more.

I tweaked a new bubble recipe swapping out the glycerin for coco betaine and adjusted the dry ingredients to test it out.

Here’s what I found:

It was much harder to work with. I wasn’t able to do swirls or intricate shapes as it started drying within a few minutes of mixing the ingredients. That meant my original idea of making a pyramid shape wasn’t going to work with this recipe. All I could really do was blend the two colours together into a two toned pattern and flatten into a ‘cookie’ shape.

There was something interesting about the texture that I think could work well for shaping with cookie cutters though. I’ll need to do more experimenting with that.

I fragranced my test cookie with the Lush dupe Honey I Washed the Kids (type). Fragrance was about medium scented so I’ll up the ml’s on the next batch.

After two hours it was fully dry and hard. (My other recipe takes days to dry completely.)

In the bath:

My. Oh. My.


Just as I suspected, this bubble bar produced a massive amount of bubbles. Just one small chunk got me this:


It also stayed solid for longer as the water streamed onto it. This makes me think it would be a good recipe for bubble wands and sticks. Getting excited about those possibilities.

Overall the test was a success and I’ll be listing this in the shop soon.


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